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As Mexico's southern coast braced for "Hurricane Otis", which has been upgraded to category 5, the storm made landfall in the city of Acapulco in Guerrero state.

Authorities warned that the hurricane has the potential to cause "catastrophic damage".

In a statement from the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), the hurricane made landfall near the city of Acapulco and reached a speed of 270 kilometers per hour.

The NHC shared the information that the hurricane brought maximum sustained winds and heavy rain.

After rising to category 5, citizens evacuated the beaches as the rainfall increased with the effect of the hurricane that made landfall.

Authorities warned that the storm could bring up to 50 centimeters of rainfall in some parts of Guerrero and Oaxaca states, causing flash floods, mudslides and landslides.

It also warned of "potentially destructive" storm surge and "life-threatening" surf and rip current conditions.

Mexico's national water agency CONAGUA also warned of surf currents of six to eight meters in parts of Guerrero and Oaxaca states.

Guerrero state authorities reported that work has begun to establish nearly 400 temporary shelters against the possible devastating effects of the hurricane.

The Mexican army deployed 8,000 soldiers to the region as part of search and rescue measures, and ports in the region were temporarily closed.

Guerrero Governor Evelyn Salgado announced on his social media account that schools in the state were canceled due to the hurricane.

Government officials also stated that soldiers were patrolling across the state against possible cases.