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In order to relieve darkening of fold areas such as the armpits, the factor causing the darkening must first be identified.

The most common cause of darkening in the fold areas is friction. Frequent removal of hair in the armpit and genital area with wax or razor creates redness and darkening of the skin in that area in response to irritation. Laser epilation and needle epilation, which are more permanent hair removal methods, remove the hair, prevent spots caused by repeated trauma and gradually lighten the color of the skin.

Another common cause of armpit darkening is excessive sweating. Excessive sweating creates a moist environment and prepares the ground for infections such as bacteria and fungi. These infections also cause darkening of the color under the armpit. Infections should be treated in consultation with a dermatologist and the sweating area should be kept dry. It is healthy not to prefer synthetic and tight clothes for the problem, and to wear comfortable cotton underwear.

Natural solutions that are good for armpit darkening 

Among the natural treatment methods of armpit stains, aloe vera, coconut oil, potato, baking soda, vinegar, lemon, cucumber can be applied. However, if redness and allergic reactions occur while lightening the color of the armpit with herbal methods applied at home, this darkening may increase even more. It is recommended that the method to be applied during the whitening phase should first be tried on a small area or the method should be consulted with a skin doctor.

Although armpit darkening, which is uncomfortable by making it an aesthetic problem, is generally harmless, it is worth being checked by a dermatologist. If you suddenly notice darkening and spots in the folds, contact your dermatologist immediately. Darkening can also be a sign of a serious condition such as skin cancer.

Editor: David Goodman