Armed gangs raided the Croix des Bouquets Prison in the capital Port-au-Prince and clashed with security forces.

In the clashes, 3,600 prisoners escaped from the prison, while 12 people died.

In a statement made by the Haitian government, it was stated that criminal organizations attacked the prison in the early hours of the morning and the armed people fled the region as a result of the resistance of the police.

2024 03 02 T024330 Z 968653624 R C27 D6 A65 F X H R T R M A D P 5 H A I T I V I O L E N C EOn the other hand, it was shared that there were 17 Colombian citizens in the prison raided by the gangs and that the Colombian government was in contact with Haitian authorities.

According to the regional press, 4 police officers lost their lives and dozens of people were injured in the attacks in the last 3 days.
According to security sources, 3,600 prisoners escaped from the National Prison in the capital Port-au-Prince as violence escalated in Haiti.


One of Haiti's police unions has demanded that all officers in the capital be given access to cars and weapons to help police in their fight to maintain control of the prison.

The statement warned that if the attackers succeed, "we are finished".

2024 03 02 T024431 Z 1730266355 R C27 D6 A E K N Q3 R T R M A D P 5 H A I T I V I O L E N C EAccording to the statement, everyone living in the capital is in grave danger because 3,000 "thugs" are loose on the streets.


Multiple security sources in Port-au-Prince said there had been an unprecedented increase in violence in recent years, targeting police stations, the international airport and the National Penitentiary.

Haitian gang leader Jimmy Cherizier, also known as "Barbecue", has vowed to continue his efforts to oust Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

"We ask the Haitian National Police and the army to take responsibility and arrest Ariel Henry. Once again, the population is not our enemy and the armed groups are not your enemy. Arrest Ariel Henry for the liberation of the country. We will liberate the country with these weapons and these weapons will change the country."

Fire broke out in 400 years old Stock Exchange building! Fire broke out in 400 years old Stock Exchange building!

A Haitian law enforcement source told CNN that mobs have attacked multiple police stations in the city since Thursday, killing at least four people and burning some police stations.