Israel releases 39 Palestinians Israel releases 39 Palestinians

"It is with great sadness, with great pain, but also with great anger that I tender my resignation as French Consul General," Ghandour said, adding that Paris had acted hypocritically during the Israel-Hamas war.

Underlining that France has voted for all United Nations resolutions condemning Israel and calling on it to withdraw from the occupied territories, Ghandour said that French President Emmanuel Macron has given his full support to Israel's attacks on Gaza.

Ghandour said, "I cannot remain silent. I want to stick to my conscience and principles. I have a historical experience. Israel occupied South Lebanon for 12 years. I lost 12 friends, relatives and acquaintances in the struggle for resistance against Israel. I take on the task of historical memory and loyalty. I certainly cannot sleep peacefully representing a state with the positions taken by the current France."