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Abby Jardine, 26, who lives in New York City, USA, rescued a pigeon from a garbage dump last May.

Jardine adopted the bird, which she named Pidge, and taught the domesticated creature how to bathe, feed and use the toilet.

Carrying Pidge in a special bag, the young woman takes her pet to the best places in New York.

Sharing her experiences on TikTok, Jardine's videos are watched by millions.

Speaking to the New York Post about her bond with the pigeon, Abby said, "I found Pidge when she was three weeks old, scared and alone next to a dumpster near my apartment.

"He was a baby, he couldn't fly and he wasn't supposed to leave the nest."

Jardine contacted the Wild Bird Fund, a wildlife rehabilitation center, before taking the chick for treatment.

Despite knowing little about bird care, she decided to adopt the baby pigeon.

"I've never had a pigeon as a pet, I'm not even a bird person," the young woman admitted. "When I saw how cute and friendly he was, I knew he was my baby forever."

"When I want to go out for a drink or dinner with my friends, I put him in my bag and he's on his way," Jardine continued.

"He's very social and very laid back, so we've never been kicked out of a venue," Abby said, adding that she has no problem taking Pidge to various restaurants and venues.