US military plane crashes into ocean US military plane crashes into ocean

According to the New York Post, the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) received reports of disorder at a demonstration in support of Palestine in the city.

According to MPD, eyewitnesses reported that a person drove his vehicle into the crowd, while another person reported hearing gunfire.

No one was injured in the demonstration, police said, adding that the investigation into the incident is ongoing but no arrests have been made yet.


Lincolnwood police said that a brawl broke out between pro-Israel supporters and Palestinian supporters during a demonstration in Skokie, Chicago.

Police reported that an unidentified person fired his gun, but no one was injured.

During the demonstrations in Eugene, Oregon, a brawl broke out between demonstrators and a person who stopped his car in the crowd and blocked the road.

It was reported that the people involved in the incident were detained.