Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky spoke at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

Referring to the Russia-Ukraine War, Zelensky stated that Russia will continue its occupation of Ukraine even if the fighting on the front line stops. Stating that before the Russia-Ukraine War, there were attempts to stop the clashes in Donbass in eastern Ukraine after 2014, Zelenski stated that although there were very effective guarantors such as Germany and France, Putin rejected the attempt to stop the clashes and compared Putin to a predatory animal.


Stating that Russia is pursuing an expansionist policy, Zelensky said, "If anyone thinks that this is only about us, only about Ukraine, they are completely wrong. Beyond Ukraine, the new Russian aggression is becoming more and more evident."

Stating that Ukraine needs to increase its air power in order to defeat Russia, Zelenski said, "We must gain air superiority for Ukraine. Partners know what is needed and in what quantity. This will allow progress to be made on the ground."