A tragic incident took place on a flight to the southern Chilean city of Punta Arenas, operated by the Chilean airline LATAM.

The British tourist and his wife were landing at Carlos Ibanez del Campo Airport when the 59-year-old man died.

Homicide police officers arrived at the airport to investigate the death of the man, who died while sitting next to his wife without showing any signs of illness.

Diego Díaz, Deputy Commissioner of the specialized unit, confirmed the man's death.

According to the Mirror, Díaz told local media:

"On the instructions of local prosecutors, detectives from the Punta Arenas Homicide Unit went to the airport after a 59-year-old British tourist, who was traveling to Chile, died on the plane. Before the connecting flight, it was determined that the British tourist had died on the plane and that there was no evidence of criminal activity. The British tourist's wife also said that the underlying cause of his death could have been several health problems.''

On the other hand, it was announced that an autopsy will be performed on the British tourist and it will be determined whether the cause of death was due to natural causes.