Host Tucker Carlson said that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a staunch supporter of Ukraine's defense against the Russian invasion, asked for $1 million to be interviewed on the subject.

Carlson spoke for the first time after his controversial interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin and denied supporting the authoritarian Russian regime.


At the same time, Carlson described the defense of Ukraine against the Russian invasion as a "money laundering scheme" and accused Johnson of being one of the profiteers of the scheme.

Carlson said of his request to interview the former British prime minister, "I'm in Moscow, I'm waiting to do the interview, it turns out we're doing an interview, and I'm immediately accused by a guy called Boris Johnson. He calls me a 'Kremlin stooge' or something... So I asked Johnson for an interview because he keeps accusing me," he said.

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Carlson said that an advisor got back to him and found out that former prime minister Johnson wants a million dollars for an interview.

Boris Johnson wants a million US dollars, gold or bitcoins to explain his position on Ukraine to the journalist.

"I just interviewed Vladimir Putin, I'm not defending Putin, but he didn't ask me for a million dollars!" Carlson said.