Inside Israel, attack sirens sounded in Usdud (Ashdod), Askalan (Ashkelon), Beersheba (Beersheba), as well as settlements near the Gaza Strip. Away from the Gaza Strip, attack sirens also sounded in the major cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The Israeli air defense system Iron Dome destroyed some of the rockets fired from Gaza, and explosions were heard in the sky.

In a written statement, Israel's emergency services, the Red Star of David, announced that 22 Israelis were killed and more than 70 seriously wounded in attacks from the Gaza Strip.

The Red Star of David called on Israelis to donate blood.

Palestinian armed groups emerged from the Gaza Strip and entered Israeli settlements along the border. Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation (KAN) reported that Palestinian armed groups seized a police station in the city of Sderot and clashes broke out in the area.
Photos were shared of Palestinian armed groups detaining some Israelis and of men lying face down on the ground with their hands tied above their heads in front of the gunmen.
According to Israel's Channel 12 television, 4 separate armed groups from Gaza entered the surrounding settlements.

Social media shared images of Palestinian armed groups moving around Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip.

Black smoke billows from the city of Askalan

The AA team in the city of Askalan reported that the Israeli army and security forces are widely spread in the city, taking intensive security measures.

Due to the rockets launched from Gaza, attack alarms are frequently sounded in the city and black smoke rises from some areas hit by rockets.

Explosions are heard in the sky as missiles fired from the Israeli air defense system Iron Dome hit the rockets. Traffic is very light in the city and the Israeli army is manning checkpoints at various points.

Hamas military wing announces Aqsa Flood attack

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Muhammad al-Dayf, the commander of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, spoke in a video in which his face was not seen about the attack they launched against Israel this morning.

Dayf stated that the Palestinian people have made a revolution again and returned to the project of establishing a state and said, "We decided to draw a line against Israel's violations, we launched the Aqsa Flood operation against Israel."

Dayf explained that they launched about 5,000 rockets and mortars in the direction of Israel in the first phase of the Aqsa Flood, and stated that security coordination with Israel has ended.

Israeli army announces launch of counter-attack

The Israeli army announced the launch of an airstrike on Gaza with dozens of warplanes.

According to Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation (KAN), Defense Minister Yoav Gallant signed a decree calling up reservists. Gallant declared an 80 kilometer radius around the Gaza Strip a military zone.

In a video message, Minister Gallant said that Hamas had made a "big mistake" by starting a war against Israel.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with the security cabinet at 13:00 local time.

"Israeli tank hit, soldiers captured" at the border

An Israeli tank was allegedly hit in the Israeli-controlled buffer zone of the Gaza Strip. Images of a tank on fire were shared on social media. The person speaking in the video claimed that Israeli soldiers were captured.

In addition, footage circulated on social media showing Palestinian armed groups driving an Israeli army all-terrain vehicle inside Gaza and bringing the body of an Israeli soldier inside Gaza.

Images of Palestinian gunmen entering a settlement inside Israel with a motorized glider also appeared on social media.

Hamas claimed to have captured the Israeli Kerem Abu Salim border crossing on the southeastern border of the Gaza Strip and the surrounding military post, and shared images of the incident.

Hamas-affiliated armed groups roam Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip
According to Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation (KAN), Israelis living in some areas near the Gaza border said that Palestinian armed groups were roaming the streets around their homes.

According to Haaretz, citing Israeli police, some 60 armed Palestinians are believed to have entered 14 separate Israeli neighborhoods.

In a statement, the Israeli army said that Hamas fired about 2,200 rockets into Israel during the morning's Aksa Flood operation.

Ofir Liebstein, the mayor of the southern town of Shaar HaNegev, was killed in a gun battle with Palestinians, army radio said.

Israel's emergency service, the Red Star of David, urged Israelis to donate blood.