Authorities announced that the number of wounded, which was previously announced as 10, increased to 21 in the attack, which took place when tens of thousands of people gathered in the city square for the celebration were dispersing, leading to the death of 1 person.

Fire Chief Ross Grundyson stated at a press conference that 22 people were hit by bullets in the incident, 1 of them died, 8 of the 21 injured people did not survive, 7 were seriously injured and 6 were slightly injured.

Paramedics shared the information that 9 out of 11 children hospitalized in the incident were found to have bullet wounds.

In addition, Police Chief Stacey Graves said at a press conference that three people suspected of involvement in the attack, which has become a national agenda, have been detained.

Graves pointed out that the attack took place in a place where more than 800 law enforcement officers were on duty, while a video recording shared on social media showed that the fleeing gunman was captured by 2 people and handed over to the police.
US President Joe Biden, who was informed about the issue, stated that they are "trying to get more information about the shooting".Kansas City attack
In the city of Kansas City, an armed attack was organized yesterday at noon during the American football championship celebration known as the Super Bowl.According to initial reports, the police announced that 1 person was killed and at least 10 people were injured in the attack.

At the moments when the gunshots were heard, it was seen that the participants of the celebration panicked away from the area, while extensive security measures were taken in the surrounding area.

Police detained 2 armed suspects suspected of carrying out the attack and launched an investigation.