Speaking at the event organized by the Greek General Staff for International Women's Day on March 8, Dendias stated that it is "inconsistent" to exempt half of the population from military service.

Dendias explained that within this framework, there are studies on women's voluntary military service.

Stating that the law on the subject has actually existed in Greece since 1977, Dendias said, "The question is how to implement this provision for women's voluntary military service. In the coming weeks, we will explain with the leading figures of the Armed Forces our view on how we can make the best use of our country's manpower not only on the basis of armed forces personnel but also on the basis of volunteer soldiers."

According to a 1977 law in Greece, in times of peace, the Minister of Defense can call women from all or certain regions of the country for military service, if he deems it necessary, upon the proposal of the commanders of the Armed Forces.