The existence of Gladio has given rise to many shadowy events and conspiracy theories. Among the activities of this organization:

Acts of terror against the civilian population: Gladio allegedly carried out bombings and assassinations to silence communists and leftists.
Unsolved murders: It is often claimed that Gladio was behind many unsolved murders in Turkey in the 1970s and 1980s.
Deep state connections: There is speculation that Gladio is linked to secret forces within the state and is involved in illegal activities.
Gladio's activities have been the subject of legal investigations in many European countries. As a result of these investigations, Gladio's existence and activities have been officially recognized.

Gladio's Legacy:

Although Gladio was officially disbanded at the end of the Cold War, its legacy lives on. Gladio's activities fuel suspicions about state covert operations and deep state connections.


Gladio is an organization that represents the dark side of NATO. Its existence and activities have raised many ethical and political questions. Gladio's legacy continues to be part of political and social debates in Europe today.