Israeli statement on prisoners Israeli statement on prisoners

German President Frank Walter Steinmeier spoke at the Order of Merit ceremony held at Bellevue Palace.

Referring to the Israeli-Palestinian tension, Steinmeier said, "We must protect Jewish life in our country and stand strong and resolute against all forms of anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel."

Steinmeier criticized the celebration of attacks on Israel on the streets of Germany, saying, "We cannot tolerate attempts to celebrate the brutal attacks on Israel on the streets. Those who applaud this terror not only insult the victims, but also trample on human dignity and our Constitution. I am appalled by this kind of behavior."

Reiterating Germany's pledge of solidarity with Israel, Steinmeier said, "In these difficult times, Germany stands firmly with Israel. The people of Israel and Jews in Germany can count on this."

During the ceremony, President Steinmeier presented medals to Prof. Dr. Yüksel Ekinci and Serkan Eren, who have been involved in social activities in Germany.