US and Chinese presidents to meet on November 15th! US and Chinese presidents to meet on November 15th!

Muslim Americans and some Democratic Party figures have issued an ultimatum to mobilize hundreds of thousands of Muslim voters not to donate to or vote for Joe Biden for re-election in 2024 unless he takes urgent action to secure a ceasefire in Gaza.

The National Muslim Democratic Council, which includes Democratic Party leaders from swing states like Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, gave Biden until 5 p.m. local time today.

The leaders called on President Biden to use his influence with Israel to secure an immediate ceasefire.

In an open letter titled "2023 Ceasefire Ultimatum," the Muslim leaders said they would mobilize American Muslim voters "not to support or vote for any candidate who endorses Israel's attacks on the Palestinian people."

"Your administration's unconditional support, including funding and arming, has played a significant role in perpetuating violence that has resulted in civilian casualties and undermined the confidence of voters who previously trusted you," the Council wrote in the letter to Biden.

Keith Ellison, the Attorney General of Minnesota and one of the first Muslim-origin members of the House of Representatives, and Indiana Congressman Andre Carson serve as founding co-chairs of the Council.

The letter is the latest sign of growing anger, backlash and frustration in the Arab and Muslim American communities over Biden's failure to condemn Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip.

So far, at least 8,500 Palestinians, including 3,500 children and 2,200 women, have been killed in Israel's air, sea and ground attacks on Gaza since October 7.

On the Israeli side, the death toll is reported to be 1,400. In addition, over 200 Israelis are being held hostage by Gaza-based armed groups.