Israeli Army Spokesperson Daniel Hagari announced at a press conference that they have increased airstrikes in Gaza and that the Israeli Air Force "carried out large-scale attacks on underground targets in Gaza".

Hagari stated that the army has continued its ground operations in the last few days and said, "The ground forces will expand their ground operations tonight."

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Israeli Spokesperson Hagari also stated that Israeli army forces on the northern border are on high alert.

Hagari's statement coincided with the Israeli Air Force's intensive airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in recent hours.

The Israeli military has been carrying out the most intense airstrikes on the blockaded Gaza Strip since October 7.

While the sounds of explosions reached the city of Sderot on the Israeli side, residents of the region say that the Israeli airstrikes launched this evening are the most intense bombardment since October 7.

In addition to airstrikes, the Israeli army continues to hit the area with howitzers.