"We have accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry following agreement on the establishment of an interim presidential council in Haiti and the appointment of an interim prime minister," Guyana's President and Chairperson-in-Office of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Irfaan Ali said in a statement.

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G Ic Rm Xzb E A Agdb JHeads of state from 25 CARICOM member states held an extraordinary meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, to discuss the security crisis in Haiti.

Following the meeting, Henry, who has been waiting in Puerto Rico for security reasons since March 5, submitted his resignation to CARICOM.

Local media reported that gang members raided 2 police stations and the Interior Ministry in the country, where violence continued, but were repelled by the police.

1-166Jimmy Cherizier, nicknamed "Barbecue", the ringleader of the gang that led to the escape of thousands of prisoners from the prison, said on March 6 that if Prime Minister Henry did not resign, "Haiti will either be heaven for everyone or hell for everyone.

Armed gangs demanding Henry's resignation clashed with security forces on March 2 and 3, when they launched armed attacks on two prisons near Port-au Prince and Croix des Bouquets. During the clashes, approximately 4 thousand prisoners escaped from the prisons and 12 people lost their lives.

The government announced on March 4 that a 72-hour state of emergency was declared and a curfew would be imposed at certain hours to catch the criminals who escaped from the prison.

Cherizier's gang had tried several times to take over the airport in the capital to prevent Prime Minister Henry from returning to the country.

At the time of the gang attacks, Henry was in Nairobi to consider sending a Kenyan-led multinational security force to Haiti.

The 72-hour state of emergency declared in Haiti on March 4 to capture prisoners who escaped from jail was extended by one month on March 7.