Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, who has been on the agenda with speculations about her, announced that she was undergoing cancer treatment. King Charles, who took the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth, is also struggling with cancer.

Princess Kate appeared in public for the first time after announcing that she had cancer. The Princess participated in Trooping the Colour, the traditional parade held in England. 

Prince William celebrated his birthday at Taylor Swift concert Prince William celebrated his birthday at Taylor Swift concert

The Princess celebrated her husband Prince William's 42nd birthday yesterday.

It was stated that the frame shared on the couple's official social media was taken by Kate Middleton.

"Happy birthday dad, we love you so much!" was included in the post.

The Princess, who captured the moments when Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Prince Louis and their father Prince William jumped, celebrated her husband's Father's Day with a similar shot last week. 

In the post, "We love you dad. Happy Father's Day! G, C, L" statements were included

Middleton, who is an amateur photographer, often takes portraits of her children or family members on such special occasions.


In recent weeks, the Princess attended the traditional Trooping Colour ceremony celebrating King Charles III's official birthday.

The Princess, who is undergoing cancer treatment, attended an official event for the first time this year. Days before the event, the Princess posted an update on her recovery, saying she was making "good progress" and that her treatment would continue for several more months.

Editor: David Goodman