The decision that will change the fate of the Ukrainian War! The decision that will change the fate of the Ukrainian War!

French investigative website Disclose claimed that authorities secretly purchased facial recognition software from Israeli company Briefcam in 2015.

According to internal correspondence and documents from the national police department obtained by Disclose, police have been using Briefcam software for years without any legal basis and the Interior Ministry has turned a blind eye to this violation of the law.

The research website said that the Interior Ministry had passed a new law in parliament that paves the way for much wider use of the software by security forces, which until now had been allowed to be used in very limited circumstances.

According to Disclose, the law opens the door for security forces to use the software at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Over 100 police stations have been confirmed to have the company's software
According to the European Union news website EURACTIV, Briefcam's European Sales Director Florian Leibovici has confirmed that the company's software is present in over 100 police stations in France.

According to the French Information and Freedom of Information Act, the use of biometric identification and facial recognition techniques by law enforcement agencies is prohibited except in special cases.

Editor: John Wickey