In the US, which will go to the presidential election in November, the possible candidates are starting their work. Although the candidacy of former US President Donald Trump is not yet certain, a report in the Wall Street Journal claimed that former US President Barack Obama warned current President Joe Biden.


In the WSJ news report, it was claimed that Obama was worried about Trump's re-election in the US Presidential elections to be held on November 5 and called on Biden to strengthen the election campaign.

According to the report, Biden and Obama met at a private lunch and Obama shared his views on Biden's election campaign.


The three officials told the WSJ that Obama felt that Biden's campaign should proceed aggressively because "Trump's candidacy is rapidly approaching certainty." They also said Obama was worried about Trump coming back to power.


The Collapse of Western Civilization in the Shadow of Secularism and Hedonism! The Collapse of Western Civilization in the Shadow of Secularism and Hedonism!

After these news emerged, Biden's team responded. The team organizing Biden's election campaign defended Obama and Biden's cooperation and said it was an election strategy. Quentin Fulks, a member of Biden's campaign team, emphasized that Obama and Biden agree that Trump must be defeated.

Fulks said, "President Biden and President Obama talk often, as former officials do, about campaign management, election preparations, and so on. But the only thing we're focused on right now is preventing extremists and those who pose a threat to freedom and democracy. That's exactly what we're focused on doing."

On the other hand, Obama campaigned for Biden in the 2020 elections, organizing events across the country as well as video posts supporting him.