Elon Musk has long boasted of the "superior power and durability" of Tesla's Cybertruck. The first accident of the new electric vehicle took place this Thursday in California.

The California Highway Patrol was called to the scene in Palo Alto on Thursday for an accident involving Tesla's futuristic vehicle and a Toyota Corolla.

The Toyota vehicle lay demolished in the woods, while the Cybertruck lay on the road with minor dents.

The accident occurred when the driver of the Toyota hit a piece of earthen embankment, crossed into the opposite lane and hit the Cybertruck.

Police said the Toyota Corolla turned right and then hit the earth embankment on the right shoulder, then re-entered the road, crossed the double yellow line and hit the Cybertruck.

"The Tesla Cybertruck does not appear to have been operated in autonomous mode," the police report said, adding that only the Tesla driver suspected a minor injury and refused medical attention.

Another driver traveling on the same street shared photos of the vehicles as they passed by the accident.

Crane collapsed, construction worker lost his life! Crane collapsed, construction worker lost his life!

Elon Musk had used the phrase "apocalypse-proof" when introducing the Cybertruck to the public and had put the vehicle to the test in demonstrations, including shooting it with various weapons.