While some workplaces and buildings were damaged in the incidents caused by the use of a large number of fireworks despite the ban in some parts of the Netherlands, 1 person injured by fireworks in Haarlem city lost his life.

Amsterdam police have detained people who disrupted public order by throwing fireworks at emergency workers during New Year's celebrations across the city, Amsterdam police said in a statement on X.

According to public broadcaster NOS, a young man who was injured by fireworks in the city of Haarlem died.

In the news, it was stated that the incident occurred at 23.30 local time and that the person, who was stated to be a man, died in a short time.


In the news report, it was stated that those who attacked the police with fireworks in The Hague and Delft cities were intervened, while a workplace in Boxtel city was damaged due to fireworks.

In the Netherlands, 12 municipalities had banned the use of fireworks in New Year's Eve celebrations on the grounds that they endangered public safety and health.

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