Brad Wenstrup, Chairman of the US House of Representatives' subcommittee on the Covid-19 outbreak, said in a statement that Fauci agreed to testify before the House subcommittee on January 8-9.

Wenstrup said Fauci, who until last year served as director of the US Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief health advisor to US President Joe Biden, will attend a public hearing on an unspecified date after his testimony in early January.

Accusing Fauci of hiding important facts about the Covid-19 period, Wenstrup said, "It is time for Dr. Fauci to face the facts and talk about the numerous controversies that arose during and after the Covid-19 period."


In the House of Representatives, the parliamentary subcommittee on the Covid-19 outbreak held a hearing on the origin of the virus in March.

In the session, where opinions were expressed that Kovid-19 may have leaked from a laboratory in China, Wenstrup pointed out that knowing the origin of Kovid-19 is important to predict and prevent future outbreaks and said that the committee will thoroughly investigate this issue.

Biden approves bill supporting research into the origin of Covid-19
In March, US President Joe Biden signed the bill titled "Covid-19 Origins Act", which will pave the way for studies to declassify information on the origin of Covid-19.

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In a written statement, the US President said, "We need to get to the origins of COVID-19 to help us better prevent future outbreaks. My administration will continue to review all confidential information about the origins of COVID-19, including potential links at the Wuhan Institute of Virology."