In France, 91 farmers have been arrested after storming a food market in Rungis amid protests for improved conditions.

Rungis, on the southern edge of the capital, is known as the "heart of Paris" and provides much of the fresh fish, fruit, meat and vegetables the region consumes every day. 

A witness told AFP news agency that protesters broke into the market's storage area and caused damage before being driven out by security forces, while Paris police officer Laurent Nunez said authorities "cannot tolerate a breakdown of public order".

Earlier, police said 18 people who tried to blockade Rungis had been arrested for "interfering with traffic", while prosecutors later said 15 people had been detained.

France is at the center of a growing dispute across Europe, with thousands of farmers demonstrating in Germany, Poland, Romania, Belgium and Italy. Arnaud Rousseau, president of FNSEA, France's main agricultural union, said there were "great expectations" among farmers but not all of their demands could be met immediately.

"I am trying to call for calm and reasonableness," Rousseau added.

While the protests have created a crisis for French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who is only three weeks into office, Attal said in a statement that his government is ready to resolve the crisis and praised the agricultural sector as "our strength and pride". Attal's "new support measures" will reportedly be announced in the coming days.