France's decision to anger Putin! France's decision to anger Putin!

It was reported that the far-right Catholic Civitas Party was dissolved in France.

Government Spokesperson Olivier Veran announced in a statement to the press after the Council of Ministers Meeting that they decided to dissolve Civitas, which operated under the umbrella of an association in 1999 and turned into a political party in 2016. Veran stated that Civitas sees human rights as "a tool to destroy Christian civilization" and that the movement is a "harmful formation" due to its anti-LGBT vision.

Noting that Civitas "wants to create a hierarchy among French citizens with openly antisemitic and homophobic theses", Veran accused the political movement of "wanting to declare war on the state".

Following the anti-Semitic statements of Civitas member Pierre Hillard, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin demanded the dissolution of the party on August 8. The Civitas movement, which aims to "re-Christianize" France, stood out with its anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim rhetoric.