According to the reports in the Italian press, former football player Baggio was robbed by 5 armed men at his house in a forested area in Caldogno near the city of Vicenza, while he was watching the Spain-Italy match in the 2024 European Championship with his family.

It was stated that a brawl broke out in the house when the armed robbers entered the house and Roberto Baggio was injured during the chaos.

It was reported that the robbers locked Baggio and his family members in a room and escaped after stealing valuables such as watches and jewelry and some money.

Roberto Baggio managed to get out of the room he was locked in after the robbers left and informed the security forces.

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In the news of Corriere Veneto, it was stated that Baggio, who saw the robbers entering, tried to catch one of them but was hit on the head with a gun butt and was injured in this way.

2-185After the incident, Roberto Baggio was hospitalized and his forehead was stitched, while other family members were not injured but experienced great fear.

It was noted that the security forces launched an investigation into the armed robbery and examined the security cameras of the house where Baggio, his wife and 3 children have lived for about 15 years.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport-Infrastructure Matteo Salvini posted on his X account after the incident with Baggio, saying: "Shameful. I embrace Roberto Baggio and his family. I have full confidence in the security forces and I hope that these criminals will be identified as soon as possible and punished severely."

The 57-year-old Roberto Baggio is remembered as one of the "best" number 10s of Italian football between the 1980s and 2000s. Roberto Baggio is also known for his missed penalty in the penalty shootout in Italy's 1994 World Cup final against Brazil, which cost Italy the cup.

Editor: John Wickey