US military plane crashes into ocean US military plane crashes into ocean

US rap musician Soul Williams wrote the following on his Instagram post:

"Why are we so insistent on not trusting the Israeli government? Because we have experience in not trusting our own government. America, which expects me to be patriotic, is delusional, just like Israel, which thinks criticism of its government is anti-Semitic. The Israeli government expects us to believe that they did not bomb that hospital because they are looking for support for their own ambitions. It wants us to believe that the Palestinians are brutal enough to inflict this atrocity on themselves. That is why they initially encouraged Hamas against the Palestinian government. Netanyahu's strategy almost landed him in jail, but allowed him to boldly carry out the genocide of his dreams. The President of the United States stands by him because 'if there was no Israel, we would have created it as a foothold in the region'. We see these tactics and reject them."