Spacey, who was found not guilty, said he owed millions of dollars and his house was foreclosed.

Kevin Spacey, who made a name for himself with sexual harassment accusations against him and has not been involved in any project for many years, was tried on 12 charges and found not guilty.

The actor was a guest on Piers Morgan's Uncensored program. Speaking about the scandals that brought his career to a halt, the 64-year-old actor said that his house in Baltimore, where he has lived since 2016, was foreclosed.


Unable to pay his legal expenses during the trial, the actor said he is millions of dollars in debt and has no money left.

"I have to go back to Baltimore and put everything in storage. I'm not sure where I'm going to live now, but I'm in Baltimore... Since we started shooting House of Cards there... I moved there in 2012."

When asked why his house was sold, the actor gave the following answer:

"I can't pay the bills, I thought about filing for bankruptcy a couple of times, but at least as of today we've managed to get out of it somehow."


Spacey has previously said that he "pushed the envelope" about his past behavior.

Asked what he meant by "pushing the envelope," the actor said, "Being too touchy-feely, touching someone sexually in a way that I didn't know they didn't want at the time."

Emphasizing the potential for this to be criminal behavior, Spacey said that he was "being nice to people" and that it was not right to use the phrase "groping" to describe his actions.

It's from the Vietnam War: 20 years of household chores! It's from the Vietnam War: 20 years of household chores!

"Are you saying this was all consensual, or was it an attempt at seduction?" asked host Morgan. Spacey replied, "In that case, they should let you know that they don't want to do it so that you can stop and realize that it was non-consensual."


Describing his past behavior as "bad, very bad", the star said he was "ready to take responsibility" for his actions.

However, the actor also claimed that "many people" had made unfounded allegations against him.


The 64-year-old actor said that King Charles also supported him. Morgan asked if the King had reached out to the actor in the wake of the scandals.

Although Spacey said he had not spoken to the King, he hinted that they had communicated through others. "Yes, I got a message, and I'm very grateful," the actor said. At Morgan's insistence, Spacey said, "Look, I don't want to drag him into this."

Spacey was knighted by the King in 2016

Editor: John Wickey