According to a panel of experts commissioned by French President Emmanuel Macron, children under the age of three should have no screen time at all and it should be "strongly limited" until the age of six.

The panel also said children under 11 should not be given cell phones and no one under 13 should have a phone with internet access.

It also said that the use of social media should be banned for those under 15, and those over that age should only have access to ethical platforms such as Bluesky.  

The World Health Organization also states that screen time is not recommended until the age of two, and should be no more than one hour for those two years and older. 

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The French President said last week at the Sorbonne University that he was in favor of a minimum age of 15 on the internet. 

Criticism of "endless scrolling and automatic video start"

The report also criticized technology companies' practices such as "infinite scrolling and automatic video launch".

Experts noted that social media can be a "risk factor" for depression and anxiety and that they found "alarming" levels of exposure of children to pornographic and violent content. 

The report also said there was "a very clear consensus on both the indirect and direct negative effects of screens".

Screen time "has consequences for children's health, development and the future of society," the study said. 

Last year, members of Macron's Renaissance party introduced a bill that would require more training for people working with children on screen time and more regulation of screen use in kindergartens and primary schools.