Creech, 73, was imprisoned in 1974 and convicted of five murders in three states.

He was also a suspect in numerous murders.

He was already serving a life sentence in 1981 when he beat fellow inmate David Dale Jensen, 22, to death.

It was the crime that led to Creech's execution after more than four decades in prison.


Creech was taken on a stretcher at 10 a.m. to the execution chamber at the Idaho Security Institution.

Josh Tewalt, the director of the correctional facility, told a news conference afterward that three medical team members tried eight times to find an intravenous line to insert an IV.

On some attempts they could not reach the vein, on others they could but were concerned about the quality of the vein.

They tried to start veins in their arms, legs, hands and feet.

But each attempt took a few minutes, and the execution was aborted because the vein could not be accessed.

The Idaho Department of Corrections said the death warrant for Creech had expired and it was considering next steps.

Creech's lawyers immediately filed a motion for a new arrest in US district court, saying the "botched execution attempt" proved the department's "inability to carry out a humane and constitutional execution."