Charles Michel made statements to Belgian newspapers De Standaard, Le Soir and La Libre.

"I have decided to run for the European elections in 2024," Michel said, adding that if elected as an MEP, he would hold his current post until the swearing-in ceremony in mid-July and then step down.

Michel emphasized that he would fully comply with the Union's ethical rules in his election campaign and noted that EU leaders could determine his replacement at the end of June or early July.

Thus, for the first time, an incumbent President of the European Council will be a candidate for the EP elections.

Michel, who will be a candidate from the Belgian Francophone Liberals (MR) party, would normally hold office until the end of November, when the new Commission will be established.

Michel, who took office on December 1, 2019, had previously served as Prime Minister of Belgium.

EP elections will be held in EU member states on June 6-9.

In the elections to be held for the 5-year term of the EP, a total of 720 deputies will be elected, 22 of them from Belgium.

On June 17 and June 27-28, EU leaders will hold summits. During these meetings, the new President of the European Council will be decided.

In case the EU leaders fail to decide on a new Council President, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who will become the rotating EU President on July 1, will assume the role of the EU Council President.

The duties of the President of the European Council include chairing meetings, presenting reports and setting the agenda, helping to build consensus within the EU and representing the Union externally at the level of leaders.