Ahead of Monday's deadline to secure $454 million in bonds in former president Donald Trump's fraud trial in New York, his son Eric Trump claimed their objections were ignored by every lender and they laughed in his face.

On March 25, Trump will be ordered to pay the $454 million verdict in the New York fraud case or post bail if he wants to appeal the verdict. If he fails to do so, Attorney General Letitia James is preparing to seize his assets to ensure that he is compensated in some way.

In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, host Maria Bartiromo asked the younger Trump to reveal how much the former president owed in bonds to defend his fraud conviction in New York.

"Maria, they were laughing. They were laughing. The top executives of the biggest bail bond companies had never seen anything on this scale before. What, are they going to start seizing assets if he can't secure something that doesn't exist in the US?" she said, describing how the insurance companies reacted when he approached them for a half a billion dollar bond.

"Guess what Eric, we're laughing too!" wrote another.

"This is what happens when you harden everyone you do business with," a second X user reacted.

A third user said, "Eric, we've all been laughing for a VERY long time!" while another mocked Trump's son, saying, "Save my legacy! Eric Trump".

"I'm laughing too, no one is going to give you that money man," another added.

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Trump's legal team working hard to secure bail
Trump's legal team is working hard to secure millions of dollars before the deadline.

He personally owes more than $454 million as a result of Judge Arthur Engoron's February ruling in his civil fraud case.

Including the money owed by his sons Eric and Donald Jr. and the Trump Organization, plus accrued interest from the date of the court's ruling, the total amount due rises to $463.9 million.

Assets such as buildings, residences, automobiles, helicopters and jets are at stake. According to experts, the main focus may be on bank accounts, as they would be easier to seize, CNN reported.