According to La Provence newspaper, an 85-year-old woman suffering from dementia was brought to the emergency room of a hospital in Aix-en-Provence by her daughter Claudine on February 23 due to seizures.

On the night of February 23, the elderly woman was reported missing from the hospital and was found dead by her daughter in a garbage container in the basement of the same hospital on February 25.


Claudine, who brought the elderly woman to the hospital, said that she went to get a drink while her mother was being treated, and when she returned about an hour later, her mother's place in the emergency room had been changed.

Claudine returned home after the nurses told her that they could not take her to the department where her mother was being treated, and she received a phone call from the hospital and learned that her mother was missing.

Claudine came to the hospital and asked the management to look at the security cameras.

The hospital management informed her that the employee in charge of the security cameras was on leave and that they did not have the password to access the cameras.

Claudine started searching for her missing mother by posting around the hospital and on social media accounts.

On February 25, Claudine, who was searching near the hospital with her cousin, a firefighter, found her mother's body in a garbage container in the hospital basement.

While the incident sparked outrage on social media, the Aix-en-Provence Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation.

Claudine blames the hospital for her mother's death for not providing access to security cameras.