Plants are a very good choice to beautify the areas we live in. There are many plants that add freshness and vitality to any environment. Plants also emit good energy and bring abundance.

However, some plants that we often prefer in our homes can become poisonous and cause serious health problems. Do not keep these plants in your home, especially if you have small children and pets!

Here are those poisonous plants...

Poisonous houseplants

A first in the Solar System! A first in the Solar System!

Unfortunately, some plants that we often prefer in our homes can cause poisoning. The diphenbahia, which releases highly toxic gas in its environment, especially at night, is one of these plants. The root and stem of this plant become dangerous when eaten.

Another poisonous plant is the pasha saber plant, which should not be eaten by pets as its leaves contain toxic chemicals. Camel's foot is also one of the most preferred houseplants.

The white liquid in the leaves and stem of camel's foot is toxic. If it comes into contact with your eyes and skin, it causes irritation. If swallowed, serious effects such as tongue swelling and choking can occur.

The milky sap that flows from the stems of the poinsettia is also a plant that becomes dangerous after contact with the eyes and skin.