An unexpected event happened the other day. Donald Trump officially owned the TikTok platform, which was rumored to be shut down by the American congress.

Biden apologised to Zelenski! Biden apologised to Zelenski!

Arguing that such a decision would not benefit the public in any way, Trump claimed that if the platform is shut down, Facebook will have its day. Thus, the presidential candidate, who said that Mark Zuckerberg would add wealth to his fortune, strongly warned his supporters to oppose this decision.

Accusing Zuckerberg of manipulating the US election results, Donald Trump hurled heavy insults at the famous entrepreneur. However, these statements were characterized as completely opposite to Trump's past policies.
These latest statements of the presidential candidate, who previously accused TikTok of serving the Chinese government and said that he should leave the country immediately, are considered as a change of strategy for the elections. He had even previously cited the platform as an important national security issue.

Although the reason for Trump's u-turn is not fully understood, the US Congress is close to making its final decision on TikTok. A negative decision would ban TikTok completely from the country, unless it severs ties with its owner, ByteDance. It is known that some people who produce content on the application are very disturbed by this situation.

Editor: Albert Owen