As tensions rose in the country, armed gangs attempted to take over the political districts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, prompting the US military to launch an airborne operation to safely evacuate embassy personnel.Kaynak Haiti 2 1

Unbelievable incident: He took his dead uncle to the bank to get a loan! Unbelievable incident: He took his dead uncle to the bank to get a loan!

The security situation in Haiti has caused international concern, including the resignation of Haiti's current Prime Minister Ariel Henry. News sources reported that gangs raided police stations and the Interior Ministry in the country, and that the police responded to these attacks.

While chaos and incidents continue in the region, the number of social media posts about the events in Haiti is increasing. Among the allegations is that the gangs started practicing cannibalism and started eating the people they killed. In a video circulating on social media platforms, a video was shared claiming that gang members were eating human flesh and doing human flips. We investigated these posts.


We start researching with the screenshot we took from the video of the sharing. According to the sources we reached, we understand that the video in question was recorded at the Halloween party held at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Theme Park in Zhuai, China in October 2018.

The video shows the decor created for the Halloween party

In other words, this video, which was shared claiming that armed gang members who took control were practicing cannibalism, does not reflect reality. The alleged video of a person being cooked over a fire is actually just a prop.Kaynak Haiti 1 2

It is possible to access a clip from the Halloween party on YouTube. The alleged 'decor' can also be seen here.

Similarly, on the video platform VK Video, we can view versions of the video shot from different angles. When we look at the videos here, it is possible to understand that what is in the images is not a human, but an inanimate decor. In addition, when the details are examined, it is seen that there are various Halloween decorations in the background.