A plane caught fire on the runway of Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. In the footage broadcast by Japan's state television NHK, flames coming out of the plane's windows were recorded.

Alleged collision with another plane on the runway

The international news agency AFP reported that the Airbus collided with a coast guard plane on the runway. British broadcaster BBC stated that Japan Airlines flight JAL 516, which landed on the runway at Tokyo's Haneda airport, took off from Hokkaido, collided with another plane on the runway and there were passengers on board.

5 people missing on Coast Guard plane

Japanese broadcaster NHK stated that 367 passengers and 12 crew members on board the plane that caught fire on the runway of Haneda Airport in Tokyo were evacuated.

However, 5 of the 6 people on board the coast guard plane that collided with the passenger plane and disintegrated could not be reached, while the pilot survived. Shortly after this statement, the country's press reported that the lifeless bodies of the missing 5 people were reached.