Attack on the Prime Minister of Slovakia: Shot in the stomach! Attack on the Prime Minister of Slovakia: Shot in the stomach!

The disappearance of Marta Fascina, the lover of Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who passed away in July, with the huge inheritance she won has caused controversy in the country's politics.

Berlusconi, the 86-year-old leader of the Forza Italia party who died of leukemia, left his 100 million euro inheritance to his 33-year-old lover Fascina, who was an MP from the same party. Since then, the Italian MP has not attended parliamentary sessions and has almost never appeared in public.

The disappearance of Fascina, who was expected to play an important role in Forza Italia after Berlusconi's death, caused a crisis in the party.


Fascina's failure to fulfill his political duties, who said he was in mourning at his home in Milan and sent a message "My pain is still too great" to the party meetings he did not attend, caused a great reaction in his party. The Forza Italia administration called on Fascina, who has been missing for 4 months, to resign as an MP.

Mariarosaria Rossi, a former member of the party, said, "I think it would be right for him to resign if he is unable to go to parliament because of his sadness." Berlusconi's brother Paolo reacted sarcastically to Fascina's months of mourning by saying, "I think enough tears are enough."

Berlusconi and Fascina staged a fake wedding ceremony last year and it was revealed that the former prime minister's children did not approve of the marriage and convinced their father. Nevertheless, Berlusconi left a huge fortune to his young lover.