Knife attack at a shopping mall in Australia Knife attack at a shopping mall in Australia

Strange developments are happening one after another in the British Royal family. Princess of Wales Kate Middleton's absence for weeks and the allegations that she was cheated by her husband Prince William have gained a new dimension in the last 24 hours. Buckingham Palace announced that they are 'preparing to announce a very important event'. 

After this message, all eyes turned to the British King Charles. While no clear statement has been made on whether Charles, who has been ill for a while and has been struggling with cancer, has died or not, London's official broadcaster BBC has changed the profile pictures on its social media accounts to black. In addition, it is stated that flags are being lowered to half-mast in England.


The allegations that Kate Middleton, who has not been seen since December 2023, committed suicide or was murdered have been the most emphasized issue. Middleton, who is said to have undergone surgery on her stomach - some say on her uterus - some time ago, has not yet cleared the mystery of whether she committed suicide or not. 

In the midst of the discussions about where Kate, Princess of Wales, disappeared, a photograph released last week raised even more suspicions. According to the allegations, the 'current' photo showing Kate with her children was actually a montage and had been doctored with Photoshop. 

American-born Kate Middleton was last seen on December 5, 2023 at the opening of a clinic in the capital London. Kensington Palace in Wales announced that Middleton had surgery on her stomach in January. However, it did not provide any clear information about whether the operation was successful.


Since December 5, many theories have been put forward about Middleton, who has been in hiding. The claims circulating on the internet with the label 'Katespiracy' (Kateconspiracy) centered around rumors that she died during the surgery process or committed suicide after learning that she had been cheated on. 

Speculation that her husband Prince William was having an affair with Sarah Rose Hanbury, Marquess of Cholmondeley, turned Kate's disappearance into a meaningful story. 

The mystery-laden scenarios of why Kate Middleton disappeared have almost completely obscured the possibility that King Charles might be dead. A satisfactory explanation of what is really going on is expected in London.