It is known that Obama was born in Hawaii, his birthplace, to a Christian family and was raised in the Christian faith. Obama's baptismal certificate, church membership and statements about his Christian faith confirm this fact. Throughout his presidency, there is no doubt that Obama is a Christian.

Shocking statements from Mayor Eric Adams! Shocking statements from Mayor Eric Adams!

However, the claim that Obama is a Muslim is an argument often used in political polemics and misinformation dissemination. Such claims are often made by misinterpreting or distorting issues such as Obama's family background, his relations with foreign countries and his Middle East policies.

The fact that Obama is not a Muslim is clear from his lifelong Christian faith and commitment to the church. The dissemination of such misleading claims can mislead public opinion and cause social tensions. Therefore, it is important to set out the facts clearly, based on accurate information.

In conclusion, it is clear that Barack Obama is not and has never been a Muslim. It is important to point out that such misleading claims are not true and to emphasize the facts. Keeping facts at the forefront of political polemics or debates is essential for healthy social communication and information sharing.