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The march in support of Palestinians in London, the capital of the UK, started with a warning from the London Metropolitan police that protests outside the route would not be allowed and that arrests would be made if necessary. In addition, the BBC building was painted red by a group due to its "biased" broadcasting policy. Meanwhile, hundreds of people gathered in the Swedish capital Stockholm to demonstrate in support of Palestine.

Thousands of people gathered at the call of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al-Aqsa Platform, British Palestine Forum, Muslim Association of Britain, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Stop the War Coalition and marched towards Downing Street where the Prime Minister's Office Number 10 is located.

The marchers chanted "Free Palestine", "From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, Palestine will be free", "We are all Palestinians in thousands and millions".

London Metropolitan Police took extensive security measures for the march, which took place on the route of Regent Street, Piccadilly Square and Trafalgar Square, one of the symbolic points of the city.

In a statement made before the demonstration, the Metropolitan Police announced that the march route was limited to the area from the BBC to Downing Street, and that demonstrations outside this area would not be allowed and arrests could be made.

The police also took intensive security measures around the Israeli Embassy in London and announced that no demonstrations would be allowed there.

Thousands of police officers took security measures in the area and mounted police officers were on duty on the main route. Police filmed the protesters and dozens of police vans were on standby in the streets along the route.



Maggie Dunn, one of the demonstrators, said that she condemned Hamas' attacks but that what Israel was doing was genocide. Dunn said, "Gazans are being starved and dehydrated. 2 million Palestinians have nothing to do with Hamas' attack on a festival."

Stating that she constantly cries because of the news of the conflict, Dunn said, "Half of Gaza's population is children. They have no water, food, medicine. They can't go to the hospital, they can't get medical support. That's why I'm here and I'm protesting against our government for supporting the Israeli genocide."

Dunn also said that the UK government, which supports Israel, does not speak for the protesters or for itself, "Violence begets violence. We must ensure that Hamas and the Israeli government sit down for peace talks. This should include the Israeli government giving the people of Gaza what they deserve, not allowing any more illegal settlements, not occupying their land, and stopping the torture and killings."

Ayman Al-Halebi, one of the demonstrators, criticized the western media. Al-Halebi said, "As soon as the events started, they started supporting Israel. Palestinians are being burned in Gaza and the media is not on their side. Why is the whole world rushing to support Ukraine and turning a blind eye to the Palestinians?" he asked.


During the night, a group painted the BBC building, which is located at the starting point of the march, with red paint.

The Palestine Action group claimed responsibility for the action and stated in a message that the BBC's broadcasts condoned Israel's war crimes and said, "You have the blood of Palestinians on your hands."

Before the demonstration, the square in front of the BBC building was closed to the public and cleaned.


Hundreds of people gathered in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, organized a demonstration in support of Palestine. Hundreds of people gathered in Segels Torg, one of the busiest squares of the capital, and protested against Israel's attacks on Gaza.

A large number of Swedes, Palestinians, Arabs and people of different nationalities and all age groups participated in the demonstration, often chanting "Free Palestine", "Free Jerusalem", "Free Gaza" and carrying Palestinian flags.

The demonstrators carried banners with messages calling for an end to the bombardment of Gaza and attacks on civilians.