South Carolina's ringleader is one of the fiercest competitors in basketball history. Her desire to dominate her opponents extends beyond the hardwood.

Staley can routinely be seen rocking the finest furs during the Gamecocks' games. From Louis Vuitton jackets to Off-White sneakers, retro Cheney State jerseys to garnet red slippers, Staley tends to turn courtside into a runway, especially when the lights are brightest.

This year's NCAA tournament offers Staley an ideal stage to showcase his drops. His team is as dominant as they come with 32 consecutive wins heading into March Madness.

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That bodes well for a team preparing for another deep tournament run. The more games the Gamecocks play, the more opportunities the masses will have to witness Staley's fashion wonders. Fashionistas rejoice!

So, how will Staley's style evolve under the glittering frame of the NCAA tournament? Sporting News tracks all of Staley's wardrobe choices during South Carolina's March Madness run.