So, what are the reasons behind this rise of cryptocurrencies?

5 altcoins at risk of being removed from Binance! 5 altcoins at risk of being removed from Binance!

Increased Institutional Interest: As large investment institutions and hedge funds started to invest in cryptocurrencies, interest and trust in this area increased.
Protection Against Inflation: Cryptocurrencies are limited in number and are not affected by inflation, making them attractive as a hedge against inflation.
Potential of Blockchain Technology: The blockchain technology underlying cryptocurrencies has the potential to revolutionize many industries.
Advantages Against Technology Stocks:

Higher Earning Potential: Cryptocurrencies offer higher risk and higher earning potential compared to tech stocks.
Less Volatility: Recently, the volatility of cryptocurrencies has started to decrease, making them more attractive for longer-term investments.
Easier Access: Cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold more easily and at less cost than traditional shares.
Investors Should Be Cautious:

Although cryptocurrencies offer high earning potential, it is important for investors to be careful and consider the risks involved.

Legal Regulations: The legal regulations of cryptocurrencies are still unclear and this can pose risks for investors.
Security Risks: The fact that cryptocurrencies are digital assets makes them more vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Market Manipulation: The cryptocurrency market is still an emerging market and therefore more vulnerable to market manipulation.