Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's wife Carrie allegedly went berserk and kicked the nanny out of the house after he drank wine with his children's nanny.

Theresa Dawes, a nanny from Zimbabwe who came from Zimbabwe to take care of the Johnson couple's children, said that Johnson's mother-in-law saw her drinking with the former British Prime Minister and told her daughter about the situation, and she was kicked out within 15 minutes.

Noting that she was suddenly fired 3 days after she started her job, Dawes told The Mirror newspaper that Carrie Johnson gave her only 15 minutes to pack her belongings and said, "This is a nightmare." The 59-year-old nanny also argued that the couple owed her thousands of pounds.


Explaining that the incident happened just after the birth of the couple's third baby, Dawes said that there was no flirtatious situation between him and the former British Prime Minister, who was his age, and that they talked about Zimbabwean politics. Dawes said, "Boris later apologized to me, citing his wife's hormonal condition. We agreed on a three-month contract and now I will sue for compensation."

Dawes said about the former prime minister: "He is not interesting to me, he is not my type. I don't know if his wife sees me as a threat," he said.

The Johnson couple denied the news. "It is very sad that this person is telling such lies for money," the couple's spokesperson said.

Boris Johnson secretly married his 35-year-old fiancée in 2021. The couple has 3 children.