The FBI has launched a criminal investigation focusing on the massive container ship that crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore last month, causing it to collapse.

The investigation will examine whether the crew left port knowing that the ship had serious systems problems. It will also investigate the events leading up to the 385-meter Singapore-flagged ship Dali losing power as it left the Port of Baltimore and crashing into a bridge abutment.

Suspicious package alert in Washington! Suspicious package alert in Washington!

The investigation is being overseen by the US attorney's office in Maryland, one of the officials said.


The March 26 accident collapsed a bridge on which eight men were working to repair concrete and fill potholes.

Authorities said six of the construction crew fell into the water and died. Two survived.

The criminal investigation is separate from an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board to "determine the cause of the accident and evaluate safety-related measures."

US President Joe Biden and Maryland Governor Wes Moore had previously indicated that they planned to investigate all parties deemed potentially responsible for the bridge collapse.