In Western Australia, the High Court has granted permission for a 62-year-old woman to receive sperm from her dead husband for an artificial insemination pregnancy. 

State of emergency in the US state of Texas! State of emergency in the US state of Texas!

The woman made an emergency application to the court after her 61-year-old husband died in late 2023. 

After his body was taken to Sir Charles Gaidner hospital, she applied to the hospital to have the sperm removed and preserved while it was still usable, but was not assigned an authorized person to do so. The woman then applied to the court the day after the death. 

According to the court file, the couple had previously had two children, but both died in separate accidents. 

After the deaths, the couple talked about having another child, but their doctors said it would be difficult due to the woman's age.

The woman told the court that her 20-year-old cousin had agreed to be a surrogate mother. 

Under the court's ruling, the dead man's semen can be taken and preserved, but a separate court order will be needed to use it.