The Conference Board announced April data on the Consumer Confidence Index, which measures the trends of American consumers. Accordingly, the consumer confidence index fell 6.1 points to 97 in April compared to last month.

Consumer confidence, which fell for the 3rd consecutive month and realized below expectations, was predicted to take the value of 104 in this period. The Consumer Confidence Index was calculated as 103.1 in March.

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The Current Situation Index, which reflects American consumers' assessments of business and labor market conditions, decreased by 3.9 points to 142.9 in April. The expectations index, which reflects short-term assessments of the future, decreased by 7.6 points to 66.4 in the same period.

Conference Board Chief Economist Dana Peterson reported that consumer confidence fell to its lowest level since July 2022, as consumers were less positive about the current labor market situation and more concerned about future business conditions, job availability and income.