Hamas offers to extend the ceasefire Hamas offers to extend the ceasefire

Leyva, who posted on his social media account X, stated that the Israeli ambassador was "rude" to the president and asked him to apologize and leave the country.

"Universal diplomacy will record the idiotic arrogance of the Israeli ambassador to Colombia towards President Gustavo Petro as a historical milestone. It is shameful, the least you can do is apologize and leave."

Supporting Petro's position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Leyva said, "Respect the Colombian President. He is the author of the 'Doctrine of Total Peace' for his country and the world, and he demands a definitive solution for Israel and Palestine based on a historical vision. Intellectualism is not covered by arrogance or dirt. They were wrong."

Since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli Ambassador to Bogota Dagan has responded to Petro's posts by quoting him on his own social media account.

Because of Petro's point of view on the Palestinian issue, tensions between the two sides, especially on social media.