A 21 year old woman working for an airline bought a drink from a vending machine at the airport near Palma, Mallorca.

When she started drinking the coffee, she noticed that it tasted strange, and when she took a closer look at the cup, she noticed that there were lots of insects crawling around in it.

His heart stopped after eating spicy chips! His heart stopped after eating spicy chips!

The young woman's face and throat then swelled shut. She went into anaphylactic shock and began to have difficulty breathing.

MallorcaShe was rushed to hospital and reportedly spent 36 hours in intensive care before being discharged today. 

She was given adrenaline by the medical team at the airport after suffering anaphylactic shock before being taken to a clinic in Palma.

The woman's family has filed a complaint against the airport. They argued that the presence of insects in the coffee in the vending machine was a possible crime against public health and reckless injury.

The family claimed that the maintenance of the machine, which has now been shut down, was clearly inadequate by airport staff.