Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a £173 million a year contract with Saudi Arabian League team Al-Nassr. After Ronaldo moved to Riyadh with his family, there were many inaccurate posts on social media about the house they would live in. Again, images purporting to be Ronaldo's house in Saudi Arabia were shared on the social media application X (formerly Twitter).Tiktok Ronaldo

The images in the content were also shared by other accounts. Looking at the comments made by users under the post, it is understood that some users believed the images to be true, while others noticed the traces of artificial intelligence.

The same images were also shared on TikTok.


The images were analyzed by the AA Verification Line. The details, unnatural textures and distortions in the photos indicate that these images were prepared by artificial intelligence.

The unnatural smoothness, which is especially noticeable in the structures, is proof that the images were made by artificial intelligence.Yapay Zeka Bozulmalar

Distortions in the images are another evidence that the content was produced by artificial intelligence. Textural distortions in stairs and shape shifts in handrails are examples...

As artificial intelligence technology develops, various technologies are emerging to understand it. Al or Not can quickly distinguish between images produced by Midjourney, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

After the images shared with the claim of Ronaldo's house were uploaded to the program, it was seen that they were made by artificial intelligence. But the source of the images could not be reached.Yapay Zeka Anlama 1

- Where is Ronaldo's house?

Cristiano Ronaldo signed a contract worth 173 million pounds a year with Al-Nassr in the Saudi Arabian league. Ronaldo moved to Riyadh with his family. It was reported in foreign sources that Ronaldo, who was staying in the king suite of a luxury hotel here, left the hotel and moved to a permanent home. According to the Mirror, Ronaldo and his family left the hotel and moved to a permanent home. The news reports that Ronaldo is staying in a luxury hotel with high security. 

The distortion and unnatural smoothness of the images suggest that the content was generated by artificial intelligence. 
The photo of Ronaldo's home was not shared with the press.

Online screening tools reveal that the images were generated by artificial intelligence.
The claim that the images show Cristiano Ronaldo's house in Saudi Arabia is not true.